Other Labor Rates

All prices listed are for service on a single bicyle, component, tire, wheel, etc., unless otherwise noted.

Bicycle Assembly and Disassembly

Reassemble Shipped Bike $50.00
Assemble New Bike (Still In Box, No Assembly Attempted)  $100.00
Frame Swap (All Parts Off Old Frame and Onto New Frame) $250.00
Full Bike Build (Customer Provides Parts) $250.00
Electronic Drivetrain Installation  As Quoted
Frame Strip (All Parts Removed From Frameset) $50.00
Bicycle Packing (Pack Bike In Standard Bike Shipping Box)
Shipping Charges Not Included

Tires and Tubes (please note that we do not offer tube or tire patching service)

Flat Repair (Includes new inner tube and installation) 
Tire/Tube Install - Labor Only (Each Wheel) $7.00
Tubular Tire Gluing (Each Wheel) $50.00

Brakes and Derailleurs

Brake Adjustment, Labor Only (Each Brake)  $10.00
Derailleur Adjustment, Labor Only (Each Derailleur)  $15.00
Replace Disc Brake Pads (Per Caliper) $15.00
Straighten/Replace Derailleur Hanger, Adjust Derailleur  $20.00
Bleed Hydraulic Brake System (Per Brake) $45.00
Replace Brake/Shift Cable (Includes Cable) $15.00
Install Entire Brake or Shifter System (Labor Only)  $50.00

Bottom Bracket

Tighten Loose BB Cups $15.00
Remove Crankset and Bottom Bracket  $15.00
Clean and Regrease BB Bearings (Pull Cranks and Replace)  $25.00
Overhaul/Replace Threaded Bottom Bracket (Labor Only) $30.00
Overhaul/Replace Press-Fit Bottom Bracket (Labor Only) $40.00
Remove And Bond Press-Fit Bottom Bracket Into Carbon Frame  
(Fixes Slipping PF BB Cups! Includes BB Overhaul) 
Remove Seized Or Bonded Bottom Bracket System (Per Hour) $60.00

Cassettes, Chains, and Wheels

Remove or Install Cassette or Freewheel  $5.00
Install New Rear Wheel, Cassette, and Tire (Wheel Replacement)  $10.00
Install Chain (Labor Only; Includes Derailleur Adjustment) $15.00
True Wheel (External Nipples) $20.00
True Wheel (Internal Nipples)  As Quoted
Wheel Bearing Overhaul $20.00
Build Wheel (Labor Only) $90.00

Headset and Cockpit

Remove Fork And Headset  $20.00
Cut Steerer Tube $25.00
Overhaul Headset (Labor and Grease Only)  $30.00
Install New Bars, Extensions, or Accessories   As Quoted


Speedplay Pedals - Add Grease (Per Pair)  $10.00
Pedal Full Overhaul  As Quoted

Accessory Installation (Parts Purchased Elsewhere)

Bike Computer $10.00
Saddle $5.00
Child Seat $25.00
Rack/Basket (Front or Rear) $15.00
Kickstand $10.00
Training Wheels $15.00
Fenders (clip on) $10.00
Fenders (bolt on, bike-specific)  $25.00
Fenders (custom fit) $60.00