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Featured Items

45NRTH Husker Du
45NRTH Husker Du
$99.00 - $135.00
$110.00 - $150.00

At four inches wide, 45NRTH's Husker Du tire has the volume you need for… [more]

  Felt Bicycles B12
Felt Bicycles B12 - 2013

Personal records will come easily aboard Felt's speedy B12. This… [more]

  Felt Bicycles Verza Regency Women's
Felt Bicycles Verza Regency Women's - 2013

Felt's regal Verza Regency exudes class, sophistication, and European… [more]

Felt Bicycles DA3
Felt Bicycles DA3 - 2013

It took years of research, testing and an all-encompassing dedication to… [more]

  Felt Bicycles ZW4 - Women's
Felt Bicycles ZW4 - Women's - 2013

Take your road riding to a whole new level with Felt's ZW4. This carbon… [more]

  Felt Bicycles DA4 W - Women's
Felt Bicycles DA4 W - Women's - 2013

When seconds count, you can be sure Felt has shaved, sculpted and… [more]

Felt Bicycles AR4
Felt Bicycles AR4 - 2013

There's fast, silly fast, and now there's AR-fast. Felt's AR4 boasts an… [more]

  Felt Bicycles Frame Kit F1X C
Felt Bicycles Frame Kit F1X C - 2013

Felt's F1X Frameset was created for you. You know who you are. You don't… [more]

  Felt Bicycles ZW75 - Women's
Felt Bicycles ZW75 - Women's - 2013

Rack up the miles and the speed with Felt's ZW75. This light aluminum… [more]